Tuesday, November 24, 2009

FASHION – Movie about Passion

Madhur Bandarker never stops to make us wonder! In all his previous movies he picturised the inside story of bollywood, corporate world and of course about gays. Fashion is no different; here we can see all the pains to become an established model, model agencies politics, different jobs of models, modeling and all the happenings in the green room.

Fashion – considered to be a magna opus of Bandarker got a tremendous opening in all metro cities and small towns. Fashion is all about passion and struggles. Movie starts with Priyanka, who plays a small town girl with a dream of becoming a super model. In spite of objection from her father she leaves to Mumbai – city of dreams. She starts with a small assignment and her attitude takes her to the land of opportunities. On the way to her journey she shares a flat with a struggling model, admires other models work and charisma, starts to drug and becomes addict of star value, luxuries. Her pride takes her back to her small town. Backing from her father she again starts with the scratch and comes like a phoenix. Priyanka has done a neat job as a small town girl, super model, drug addict and a heart broken lover. It’s Kangana who takes all the laurels for her stupendous performance. I think no one could replace her in this flick. Its really a tailor made character for her. Other than this Cinematography and music is good and soothing. Luxury ramps, hot models, sizzling designer wears and sexy Mugdha Godse have given the good support to the script.

If we enjoyed the fashion shows and the tears of the models equally, thanks to Madhur. He is another realistic story teller of our genre.

Go for it. Fashion is a movie of passion.

Watch the Trailer of Fashion


Telling more than one story in one cinema. These experiments have been performed in Indian cinema long back. In Kannada, Puttanna Kanagal – an excellent director crafted movie called “Kathasangama” in which he narrated three different stories. In other hand Malayalam classic director Adoor Gopalakrishnan directed movie with four different characters from four different novels in the movie “Naalu Pennungal”.

Dus kahaniya is another different experiment from Hindi cinema. Sanjay gupta famous for his dark & intense flicks (all are based on Hollywood films.) But this is a fresh idea he materialized. In this movie we can see ten different stories, directed by different director and performed by different genre actors like Sanjay dutt, Shabana Azmi, Nasiruddin shah, Sunil shetty, Amrita Singh, Jimmy shergil, Mandira bedi, Neha, Manoj bajpai and even better-to-ignore actor Dino morea.

All stories have their different flavors, color tone and frame works. The most I enjoyed is Meghna Gulzar’s Puranmashi, Rice plate, Manoj’s story, strangers in night and matrimony. Sanjay gupta’s Rise n Fall reminds usual underworld story. But shines for its stunning camera angles. This kind of experiment is welcome for Bollywood in this stage, where all other running after super hit remakes and stereotyped love stories.

Many thanks to Meghana Gulzar for making your story so sensible and touching. Go ahead Sanjay gupta; I can’t wait for your next movie.

Marked moments: When Shabana got her bag back and realise the kindness of Nasiruddin Shah. Amrita’s expression when she made to wear her daughter’s dupatta.

Take a glimpse of DUS KAHANIYAAN

GOAL – Dhan Dhana Dhan Foul

Why our new-age bollywood directors are wasting the best talent in the market? Bomen Irani – extremely talented actor of “lets talk” and “Munnabhai”, Arshad warsi – young and flexible actor of “Sehar”, “Munnabhai” and “Aisa Bhi hota hai”, John Abraham – hot cake of bollywood, who has credit of “water” and “Taxi no.9211” and Bipasha basu – glam doll once proved that she can act in Madhur bandarkar’s slow and steady movie “Corporate”.

I rather wish they could have act in their hits sequels like “Lets talk2”, “Sehar-2”, “Taxi no.9211-2” and “Corporate2” than Goal.

Goal gives more promises because of its sports theme, bunch of talented actors. After the stupendous success of “Chak De India” bollywood is experimenting with sports theme. Goal is the first release in this category. After watching Goal, I would scream, “Wake up bollywood!! Its time to search for good script.”

Goal is about a football club of Asians, which struggles to win a football championship in England. Arshad plays the captain role, who runs an Indian restaurant with his wife. This team has a football ground on lease. Except ground they doesn’t have any passion towards the game. This team has been playing in England from 25 years without a single win!!! When municipal council put condition that they should pay due of 3 lakh Pounds or to leave ground, the entire team fights to win the prestigious football championship!! What an inspiration? They hire a failure player as a coach (Bomen) unfortunately he is not convincing. John comes into picture when club in need of good striker. He is best player, who wish to join the team only after rejected from other team because of his colour. At last as expected or as per unwritten law of bollywood, the underdogs become superheroes.

The director loses the grip over the script from the beginning. The way he shows the players and game is awkward. At least he could have get help from real football player to choreograph the game scenes. In some important game scene John ask Arshad to pass the ball; it seems a small boy crying for ice cream. John you should watch at least three world cup matches to understand the players body language. Making a sports movie is not a child play guys! Bipasha character doesn’t add any charm to film. She simply smiles & says 2 dialogues, there ends the scene. I think Bipasha is not at all must for that character. Any girl from bollywood can do that role. Music and cinematography is not supportive for this flick. As I read in newspaper that John was happy by the overwhelming response to the film. In premier show no one say bad about film John!!! Goal force us to go back to “Chak De India” and shows how a sports movie should not be.

Thursday, December 27, 2007

Katha Parayumbol

A fresh breeze after a long summer!! I can proudly compare the new malayalam movie Katha Parayumbol to a breeze.

Story of ordinary people, village backdrop with only 5 shops!. here hero lives as a barabar with his wife and 3 kids. Simple screenplay and superb performance by all, even supporting actors. This makes the movie a superhit. I bet if this movie would have been released in any other Indian language, it becomes one day show!!

Here we see the greatness of malayalam movie goers. They like simple movie with good script. Thanks to Srinivasan for his script. You are pulling crowd towards theatre. Believe it or not in Kerala people see three factors before going to a movie. 1. Director 2. Screenplay writer 3. Actor. Actor comes only after the first two factors. In other Indian movie posters no one give importance to the script writer unless script written by director. but malayalam industry do.

This movie is about a barbar who runs a ready-to-break saloon shop. He hardly manage to feed his family. Things goes worst when he lose customers and unable to buy new chair and tools.

One fine day superstar (Played by Mammootty) lands in his nearby village for the shooting. Interesting twist happens whenvillagers get to know that superstar is barbars childhood friend. Things changes dramatically. They become too close to him and strated doing faour for him. When he refuses to oblige (to meet superstar) they blames & insults him.

At last they realise the goodness of Balan - the barbar when superstar tells about him in public function.

In this movie you can witness the magic performance of Srinias, Meena, Innocent, Salim Kumar and maamukkoya. Barbars elder daughter played by fresh talent deserves best new comer award.

After a long gap I watched and enjoyed a good cinema. One suggestion to malayalam cinema, please include actors names in the title card. I dont think thier names are not worth to show. as a audience we have every rights to know their names.
Director : Mohanan
Producer : Mukesh & Srinivasan
Actors : Srinivasan, Meena, Mukesh, Innocent, Salim kumar, Mammootty


After a long gap amazing actor MohanLal and sensible family movie director Sibi Malayil worked for the movie Flash.

Flash is about a girl who witnessed a cruel murder. After that she suffers from seviour psychic problem. Her behaviour changes unpredictably. Then the entry of Mohanlal as a psychiatrist. Will he able to treat her? How he manage to solve the murder mystery? This is the story plot of Flash.

Story seems to be psychic thriller. But a poor screenplay spoils the cinema. Nothing helped the movie to make flash a hit. I think Mohanlal's character created with a confusion. Jagathi role is only a gap filler. Heroine role played by a new girl is convincing. Indarjit and Siddique ok. Music of the film not at all suits the stories nature.

Mohanlal - its right time to think about your over sized body and plump face or it something wrong about the camera angle? In this matter I really admire Mammootty for his good balanced body shape throughout his career.

Totally Flash is a dull movie with a weak script. Even a die-hard Mohanlal fan like me depressed by his performance. Hope you read script before beginning a new movie.
Director : Sibi Malayi
Actors : Mohanlal, Jagathy, Saikumar, Jagadish