Thursday, December 27, 2007

Katha Parayumbol

A fresh breeze after a long summer!! I can proudly compare the new malayalam movie Katha Parayumbol to a breeze.

Story of ordinary people, village backdrop with only 5 shops!. here hero lives as a barabar with his wife and 3 kids. Simple screenplay and superb performance by all, even supporting actors. This makes the movie a superhit. I bet if this movie would have been released in any other Indian language, it becomes one day show!!

Here we see the greatness of malayalam movie goers. They like simple movie with good script. Thanks to Srinivasan for his script. You are pulling crowd towards theatre. Believe it or not in Kerala people see three factors before going to a movie. 1. Director 2. Screenplay writer 3. Actor. Actor comes only after the first two factors. In other Indian movie posters no one give importance to the script writer unless script written by director. but malayalam industry do.

This movie is about a barbar who runs a ready-to-break saloon shop. He hardly manage to feed his family. Things goes worst when he lose customers and unable to buy new chair and tools.

One fine day superstar (Played by Mammootty) lands in his nearby village for the shooting. Interesting twist happens whenvillagers get to know that superstar is barbars childhood friend. Things changes dramatically. They become too close to him and strated doing faour for him. When he refuses to oblige (to meet superstar) they blames & insults him.

At last they realise the goodness of Balan - the barbar when superstar tells about him in public function.

In this movie you can witness the magic performance of Srinias, Meena, Innocent, Salim Kumar and maamukkoya. Barbars elder daughter played by fresh talent deserves best new comer award.

After a long gap I watched and enjoyed a good cinema. One suggestion to malayalam cinema, please include actors names in the title card. I dont think thier names are not worth to show. as a audience we have every rights to know their names.
Director : Mohanan
Producer : Mukesh & Srinivasan
Actors : Srinivasan, Meena, Mukesh, Innocent, Salim kumar, Mammootty


After a long gap amazing actor MohanLal and sensible family movie director Sibi Malayil worked for the movie Flash.

Flash is about a girl who witnessed a cruel murder. After that she suffers from seviour psychic problem. Her behaviour changes unpredictably. Then the entry of Mohanlal as a psychiatrist. Will he able to treat her? How he manage to solve the murder mystery? This is the story plot of Flash.

Story seems to be psychic thriller. But a poor screenplay spoils the cinema. Nothing helped the movie to make flash a hit. I think Mohanlal's character created with a confusion. Jagathi role is only a gap filler. Heroine role played by a new girl is convincing. Indarjit and Siddique ok. Music of the film not at all suits the stories nature.

Mohanlal - its right time to think about your over sized body and plump face or it something wrong about the camera angle? In this matter I really admire Mammootty for his good balanced body shape throughout his career.

Totally Flash is a dull movie with a weak script. Even a die-hard Mohanlal fan like me depressed by his performance. Hope you read script before beginning a new movie.
Director : Sibi Malayi
Actors : Mohanlal, Jagathy, Saikumar, Jagadish

Friday, December 21, 2007

ഞാന്‍ ഗോപകുമാര്‍.

Tuesday, December 11, 2007


Expectations were high when RPG declared that he is going to remake the timeless classic Sholay. The movie created a history in Indian cinema. No director has showed the guts to say that he would remake the movie. Some did silently. Rajkumar Santhoshi tried it in the name of China gate but ended in an accident. RPG took as a challenge to remade the classic. He is a director whose cinema itself known as a different genre. After the huge success of ‘Sarkar’ the action packed drama, which was loosely based on God Father. Everybody expected the same pattern in RPG ke Aag. Movie has a bunch of excellent actors like Amitabh bahchan, Mohanlal, Ajay devgan & Sushmita sen. RPG badly proves that only actors can’t make film a success unless they get support of a strong screenplay.
Mohanlal lives the role of Sanjeev kumar as a brave police officer, helpless Samaritan. It’s a treat to watch his acting. Hey GenX kids of bollywood! Watch him. No need to go for acting workshop. Ajay Devgan acting skills are lost in translation because of poor character. Amitabh tries hard to live as a gabbar but fails. His dual coloured eyes, differently shaded hair, shabby costumes makes him buffoon of gabbar. Other than this we have ravishing Sushmitha sen, who plays role of jaya, she did justice to her role. Nisha kothari! Poor glamour doll!! you should attend some acting classes before your next movie. Otherwise stick to item numbers in films.
The problem with every remake films is audience comes with copy of old film in their mind. All they will do is compare the entire film with the latter. If they disappointed in a very first scene!, their ends the fun of the film. Here also happened same thing. The intense & strong scenes of Amitabh and Dharmendra of Sholay is presented here as a mocking. Totally if you want to enjoy this movie, take out all imprints of Sholay from your mind and watch this as a fresh one. You may enjoy it.
Director : Ram Gopal Verma
Producer : Ram Gopal Verma
Actors : Amitab bachan, Mohal Lal, Ajay devgan, Prakash Raj, Sushmita sen

Om Shanti Om

Six-pack abs & thirty-one star publicity makes this one a mega hit, but fails to catch the good audience. Forget about story, OSM doesn’t have any strong or good scenes. I tried till end to find glimpse of actor Shah rukh khan. No! Not at all! In Chak De India SRK won the million hearts by his excellent performance and thankfully he didn’t showed his notorious mannerism. But in OSM his notorious so-called acting came back. Other than good acting he did everything!!! One thing you can learn from SRK is, how to market the cinema!! By cheering the Indian Cricket team in packed stadium with the team of OSM, making cameo roles in tele serials, showing his six-pack abs in all public events and so on. He is a brilliant marketing guru!!!!
OSM is a Farah Khan’s tribute to Karz. For this remake she used the 1970’s era as a background. All legends of 70’s are presented as buffoons. Even their costumes, styles and mannerism were made into matter of fun. It’s a story of a junior artist (SRK) who fell in love with the lady superstar (Deepika) He sacrifices his dreams & life to save her. Till the interval story seems to be somewhat good, almost similar to all SRK love story. After chai break it turns into a B grade movie. It’s all about SRK and his good for nothing mannerism & ishtyles. Farah khan who expected to deliver a good cinema after her stupendous debut ‘Main hoon na’ , seems to join the gallery of Rakesh roshan. The world of underdog becomes superhero, rebirth and lot of masala.
The music of the film is quite good. Some numbers are catchy. Hats off to sabu Cyril for recreating the 70’s magic on screen. Arjun rampal excels in his gray shade role. His makeover in this movie is unique. Totally this film is for die-hard SRK fans. OSM has mindless drama, do-not-think story, 31 stars and of course stunning beauty of Deepika. If you are a serious movie buff who enjoys the good cinema, OSM is not for you. Buy a DVD of Karz and enjoy it in your home. At least Shanti is assured. Only if you have enough money & peace of mind to spare the multiplex, popcorn & shah rukh khan!!! Go for it.
Director : Farah Khan
Producer : Gauri Khan
Actors: Shah rukh khan, deepika, Shreyas, Arjun rampal, kiran kher

Did you know?

Wearing earphones for just an hour will increase the bacteria in your ear by 700 times.
To avoid this try to wear a small piece of cotton before wearing your earphones. Happy listening to you all!!!