Thursday, December 27, 2007


After a long gap amazing actor MohanLal and sensible family movie director Sibi Malayil worked for the movie Flash.

Flash is about a girl who witnessed a cruel murder. After that she suffers from seviour psychic problem. Her behaviour changes unpredictably. Then the entry of Mohanlal as a psychiatrist. Will he able to treat her? How he manage to solve the murder mystery? This is the story plot of Flash.

Story seems to be psychic thriller. But a poor screenplay spoils the cinema. Nothing helped the movie to make flash a hit. I think Mohanlal's character created with a confusion. Jagathi role is only a gap filler. Heroine role played by a new girl is convincing. Indarjit and Siddique ok. Music of the film not at all suits the stories nature.

Mohanlal - its right time to think about your over sized body and plump face or it something wrong about the camera angle? In this matter I really admire Mammootty for his good balanced body shape throughout his career.

Totally Flash is a dull movie with a weak script. Even a die-hard Mohanlal fan like me depressed by his performance. Hope you read script before beginning a new movie.
Director : Sibi Malayi
Actors : Mohanlal, Jagathy, Saikumar, Jagadish

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