Tuesday, December 11, 2007


Expectations were high when RPG declared that he is going to remake the timeless classic Sholay. The movie created a history in Indian cinema. No director has showed the guts to say that he would remake the movie. Some did silently. Rajkumar Santhoshi tried it in the name of China gate but ended in an accident. RPG took as a challenge to remade the classic. He is a director whose cinema itself known as a different genre. After the huge success of ‘Sarkar’ the action packed drama, which was loosely based on God Father. Everybody expected the same pattern in RPG ke Aag. Movie has a bunch of excellent actors like Amitabh bahchan, Mohanlal, Ajay devgan & Sushmita sen. RPG badly proves that only actors can’t make film a success unless they get support of a strong screenplay.
Mohanlal lives the role of Sanjeev kumar as a brave police officer, helpless Samaritan. It’s a treat to watch his acting. Hey GenX kids of bollywood! Watch him. No need to go for acting workshop. Ajay Devgan acting skills are lost in translation because of poor character. Amitabh tries hard to live as a gabbar but fails. His dual coloured eyes, differently shaded hair, shabby costumes makes him buffoon of gabbar. Other than this we have ravishing Sushmitha sen, who plays role of jaya, she did justice to her role. Nisha kothari! Poor glamour doll!! you should attend some acting classes before your next movie. Otherwise stick to item numbers in films.
The problem with every remake films is audience comes with copy of old film in their mind. All they will do is compare the entire film with the latter. If they disappointed in a very first scene!, their ends the fun of the film. Here also happened same thing. The intense & strong scenes of Amitabh and Dharmendra of Sholay is presented here as a mocking. Totally if you want to enjoy this movie, take out all imprints of Sholay from your mind and watch this as a fresh one. You may enjoy it.
Director : Ram Gopal Verma
Producer : Ram Gopal Verma
Actors : Amitab bachan, Mohal Lal, Ajay devgan, Prakash Raj, Sushmita sen