Thursday, December 27, 2007

Katha Parayumbol

A fresh breeze after a long summer!! I can proudly compare the new malayalam movie Katha Parayumbol to a breeze.

Story of ordinary people, village backdrop with only 5 shops!. here hero lives as a barabar with his wife and 3 kids. Simple screenplay and superb performance by all, even supporting actors. This makes the movie a superhit. I bet if this movie would have been released in any other Indian language, it becomes one day show!!

Here we see the greatness of malayalam movie goers. They like simple movie with good script. Thanks to Srinivasan for his script. You are pulling crowd towards theatre. Believe it or not in Kerala people see three factors before going to a movie. 1. Director 2. Screenplay writer 3. Actor. Actor comes only after the first two factors. In other Indian movie posters no one give importance to the script writer unless script written by director. but malayalam industry do.

This movie is about a barbar who runs a ready-to-break saloon shop. He hardly manage to feed his family. Things goes worst when he lose customers and unable to buy new chair and tools.

One fine day superstar (Played by Mammootty) lands in his nearby village for the shooting. Interesting twist happens whenvillagers get to know that superstar is barbars childhood friend. Things changes dramatically. They become too close to him and strated doing faour for him. When he refuses to oblige (to meet superstar) they blames & insults him.

At last they realise the goodness of Balan - the barbar when superstar tells about him in public function.

In this movie you can witness the magic performance of Srinias, Meena, Innocent, Salim Kumar and maamukkoya. Barbars elder daughter played by fresh talent deserves best new comer award.

After a long gap I watched and enjoyed a good cinema. One suggestion to malayalam cinema, please include actors names in the title card. I dont think thier names are not worth to show. as a audience we have every rights to know their names.
Director : Mohanan
Producer : Mukesh & Srinivasan
Actors : Srinivasan, Meena, Mukesh, Innocent, Salim kumar, Mammootty

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